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Nowdays "Kitesurfing" or "kiteboarding" is most popular and fastest growing sport in Turkey , We have 3 different Kitesurf spot in Turkey;  Kite Xtreme Turkey / Fethiye, Kite Xtreme- Turkey  / Gokova,  Kite Xtreme Turkey / Patara - Karadere. Our Kitesurf spots (Gokova, Fethiye, Karadere) is fantastic spots  for learn kitesurf in Turkey. 

Karadere spot  is, especialy  for extreme Kiteboard  riders in Turkey.  Our mission, to teach this great sport to our guests as fast as possibble in a safe way, with easy technics, with right equipment. Kitesurf lessosns nececary for such kind of sport. It s a safe sport  if you learn right way - with a school and thought by an instructor.

If you try to learn it by yourself you dont risk only your own safety but also other beach users and  you spend very long hours to discover little hints, your achivement will be so slowly...That s why we recommend you to have proper lessons with one of the kiteboard school...  (Kitesurfing in Turkey, Kiteboarding in Turkey)

With our experience of years -we ve been teaching kiteboard since 1999 in Fethiye/Calis Beach- we know exactly which kind of problems/mistakes a student will face,we know exactly how to solve this problems. it saves you loads of time which you ll use it to enjoy the sport instead of fighting to a huge kite...

We beleive we've done our mission up to now pretty well cause many of our students has become instructors, teaching in Turkey and all over the world spreading our aim "introducing to this lovely sport as many people as we can and touching to people's life in a good way" even some of our students has their own schools and they are one of important names of kiteboarding world in Turkey...We say, you beleive or not definetly kitesurfing will change your life-

 A beginner for kitesurfing should have minumum 8-10 hours lessons. Aim of first beginner course is to have basic piloting of kitesurf, learning how to setup a kite, lauching, landing safely, all safety rules, relaunching a kite, bodydrag upwind and recovering a board, bodydrag upwind with the board, waterstart and finally riding first meters...

If you decide to start this beautifull sport you can join our 8 hours beginner group courses  or you can ask to get private lessons...(At 8 hours beginner group course, groups are maximum 4 people,we use buddy sytstem. )

If you are already kiting and want to improve your riding skills or bored to being a cruiser and want some action, you can simply join clinics of our very experienced instructor-Taner Aykurt. He is one of the first people kiting in Turkey, many times turkish Freestyle champion, 2011 Kite Tour Asia Freestyle Vice Champion and 2011 Kite Tour Asia Course Race Champion.

Our lessons are being held in Fethiye/Calis Beach, Fethiye/Karadere Beach (Patara beach) and Gokova. End of your training you can get  VDWS licences. Kite Turkey

Our services and packages in kitesurfing :

A-Taster Hour
If you are not sure yet to step into Kitesurf world and you just wanna give a try and see what is it like to hold a kite in the hand book a taster hour with us.
End of taster hour you can decide if this sport is for you and upgrade to beginner course or you can choose to leave it.
Content of Taster Hour

*Very basic information about wind knowledge and how to handle a kite,

*Little beach kite flying at the beach.

Our beginner course package is 4X2 hours.
Content of Beginner Course
Lesson1 : Introduction to kitesurf
  • Wind knowledge
  • Basic safety rules
  • Little beach kite flying at the beach-first kite piloting.
  • Wind Window
  • 8 figures
  • One handed kite control
Lesson2:Kite Setup and 4 liner kite handling   
  • Setting up a 4 liner kite ,
  • learning how safety system works,
  • Launching and landing safely a 4 liner inflatable kite,
  • Generating power with 4 liner kite- figure of 8,
  • One haded kite control,
  • Relaunching a kite from water,
  • Body Drag upwind : Using power of kite and dragging in the water to the left or right but moving a direction which creates narrow angle with wind direction,
  • Using power of the kite and dragging on the wind direction (downwind),
  • Self rescue technics,
  • Theory of water start-at the beach
  • Going away from the beach by dragging with the board-Upwind Board dragg,
  • Getting into footsraps,
  • Waterstart,
  • Riding : having first meters on the board.
Note: This lesson plan might change by instructor according to wind and weather conditions on time.      
C-Advance Courses
That s the package we offer for people who had already some lessons and some kite flying. In this lessons first we check level of the student and we focus specially missing part of students ability...
  • This package is also group lesson there might be up to 4 students in a group,
  • Advance lesson can be book by blocks of 2 hours and as much as you want,
  • Most common topics of advance lessons are,
  • Waterstart, riding
  • Riding upwind : theory at the beach and practice on the water
  • Tacks : theory at the beach and practice on the water
  • Toe side down-switch riding : theory at the beach and practice on the water
  • Load and pop : theory at the beach and practice on the water
  • Jumping :theory at the beach and practice on the water
  • Freestyle tricks : You can learn any trick you want by Turkish freestyle champion; back flip, front flip, jump transations, dead man-foot off, kite loops, board of any kind of handle passes
Beginner Course
2 hours Beginner Course : 100 Euros
4 hours Beginner Course : 170 Euros
6 hours Beginner Course : 235 Euros
8 hours Beginner Course   295 Euros
1 hours Beginner Course   75 Euros
Taster hour : 35 Euros
Advance Courses
2 Hours Advance Course : 110 Euros
4 Hours Advance Course : 185 Euros
6 Hours Advance Course : 245 Euros



3 DAYS LESSONS with video filming 2 hours + video critics end of the day : 300 Euros


You can hire kitesurf gear in our centers after level check, our instructors will check if you have enough level (  standarts, which is riding constantly upwind and being able to keep upwind)

Level check is 30 min if our instructor decide you don t have enough level you pay for level check,

if our instructors decides you have enough level, you will be paying only kite rental including the time for levelcheck.

Level Check 30 min : 25 Euros
1 hour : 25 Euros
Half Day (1-3 hours) : 45 Euros
1 Day (more than 3 hours) : 70 Euros
2 Days : 135 Euros
3 Days : 150 Euros
4 Days : 180 Euros
5 Days : 205 Euro
6 Days : 220 Euros
1 Week : 235 Euros