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Kitesurf in Turkey

Fethiye Surf Center is Kitesurf (Kiteboard), Windsurf, Catamaran, SUP teaching school in Turkey. If you are looking for a new excitement  you should try Kitesurfing, Windsurfing, Catamaran or Sup in our school. You can join and enjoy our courses for kiteboarding, windsurf, catamaran, Sup and dinghy, all given by Turkey's most experienced, profesional and international licenced instructors (VDWS). If you don t wanna have any instruction after your hard working life but just wanna have fun you can have catamaran/dinghy trip with our instructors or get a canoe or pedaloo and enjoy the freedom of being on ocean...

 Fethiye Surf Center, one of the top Kiteboarding, Windsurfing school of Turkey with 20 years of experience happy to serve you during 8 months long season at our ideal conditions for learning and riding...Our center is unique in Turkey cause it s very close to city center, many accomadation options near by, have private beach,with support of Surf Cafe restaurant&bar-good Turkish food, parking, free wi-fi abilities... while you are riding you ll have free mind cause your partner, family or friends will not be bored, they will be enjoying aswell...

  Our school  is a family bussiness, in our main location Fethiye  we have kiteboarding, windsurfing, catamaran, dinghy, canoe&pedaloo options...Middle brother of family Yener Aykurt is in charge of center in Fethiye,with support of his wife Doreen Bunge Aykurt, oldest brother Sener Aykurt, sister Bengül Aykurt, and our cousins Ufuk,Sezer,Fevzi,Semih, Ferat. In Gokova only kiteboarding is avaible and little brother of Aykurt family Taner is in charge with support of Serkan Yarali, Gulsah Yenikececi and Cenk Çolak.

  As we are operating in diffrent locations we decided to name our kiteboarding section Kite Xtreme - Turkey so we do lessons for begginers to very advance riders and material rentals in Akyaka-Akcapinar beach as Kite Xtreme - Turkey / Gokova, in Karadere (Patara) beach as Kite Xtreme - Turkey / Karadere and in Calis Beach as Kite Xtreme - Turkey / Fethiye.

The courses we provide

We give our courses as Fethiye Surf Center.


It s great fun to go on catamaran with group of people…Big difference in between


We say if you are able to walk, you are able to windsurf, just you need to save


Kitesurfing in Turkey Nowdays "Kitesurfing" or "kiteboarding" is most popular an


If you would like to step inton sailing world that s the point you should start…

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