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If you would like to step inton sailing world that s the point you should start…It is so easy to set up a dinghy, eashy handling, even very low wind still you can enjoy your time…After 6 hours discovery course you can hire a dinghy sail and enjoy the ocean and wind…If you have already sailing experience after our instructors level check you can hire a dinghy…

Dinghy Courses
  • Content
  • Basic safety rules
  • Basic introduction
  • Setting up a catamaran
  • Wind knowledge
  • Navigation knowledge
  • Tack and jibe
  • Safety in ocean
  • Parking a catamaran and getting out of water.

Basic Course




6 Hours-180 Euros


Note: In group lessons we do %15 discount.
To get VDWS licence there is extra 25 Euros licence&exam fee.


Dinghy rental rates :


1 hour


20 Euros


2 hours


35 Euros


3 hours


50 Euros


Note: If you would like to get skipper from Fethiye Surf Center for dinghy trip, we add extra 15 euros for every hour.